• My Mission

    We are dedicated to crafting captivating visuals that bring your ideas to life. With a keen eye for quality and a commitment to excellence, our mission extends to delivering top-notch stationery goods and top-quality services that add joy to everyday life. We aspire to infuse the world with bright, adorable art that inspires connection and leaves a lasting impression.

  • My Values

    We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results to every client brief or project. At the heart of our values is a commitment to quality. We cherish our customers' opinions and strive to offer top-quality products that surpass their expectations, setting a standard of excellence in everything we do.

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Meet Tanaya

The Owner, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer
I am an Australian graphic designer and illustrator with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design, achieving distinction. During my academic journey, I used my skills to work part-time as a graphic designer while also growing my small stationery business.

My journey has led me to develop a great proficiency with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, where I confidently use tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro to bring my creative visions to life. My ability to seamlessly navigate these platforms empowers me to craft visually stunning and impactful designs across various platforms.

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My Experience

I have a keen eye for detail and a love for all things creative. I bring a unique blend of practical experience and educational knowledge to each project I undertake. I’m here to offer you nothing short of amazing graphic design and illustration services.

  • 3 Years at University Of Newcastle – Bachelor of visual communication design with distinction.
  • 2.5 Years of part-time inhouse graphic design work.
  • 2 Years of design classes.
  • 2 Years running a small business.

About Arttay Designs

At Arttay Designs, we’re passionate about transforming your ideas into stunning visuals. Whether you’re seeking top-notch graphic design services to elevate your brand or eye- catching illustrations to bring your concepts to life, we’ve got you covered. But that’s not all – we also run a small business where you can find an array of adorable stationery goodies, including stickers, decals, and more, designed to add a touch of charm to your everyday life. 

 Arttay Designs emerged in March 2022 while I was pursuing a degree in Visual Communication Design. Initially, I began working as a part-time designer and started selling stationery goods during my first year at university, later expanding into freelance graphic design and illustration services. This journey has fueled my passion for creativity, and I’m excited to offer you a diverse range of stationery items and professional design and illustration services.