I work in multiple creative areas!

As a creative, I’ve extensively studied and specialised in graphic design and illustration. With a passion for the broader creative field, including content creation, social media management, product design, publication, branding, character design, children's book illustration and more.

Lummi_Brand_Design_Arttay_Designs - Arttay Designs

Brand Design


Lummi is an entirely original brand design I created from the ground up, representing a natural Australian sunscreen brand. This comprehensive project involved creating a complete brand package, including a striking logo design that captures the essence of sun protection, a dynamic social media package to engage and connect with environmentally-conscious consumers, and a thoughtfully designed packaging that mirrors the brand's commitment to nature, ensuring Lummi shines brightly in the sunscreen market.

AWARE Branding Design Arttay Designs 2

Social Media and Marketing


AWARE, which stands for Animal Welfare and Rights Enforcers, has been thoughtfully designed with a singular purpose - to champion the rights and well-being of animals, particularly addressing the concerning issue of animal cruelty in movie and television production. My mission was to visually encapsulate the commitment and dedication of AWARE to alleviate the suffering of animals subjected to exploitation in the entertainment industry. Every element of the brand has been carefully crafted to resonate with the core values of compassion, advocacy, and the relentless pursuit of animal welfare.


Children's Book Illustration

Tom The Capybara

Tom the Capybara is a children's picture book that takes young readers on an adventure with a lonely capybara who embarks on a journey driven by his boredom. Along the way, he encounters a distressed little bird named Mel, leading him into a world of unexpected challenges. Through their shared experiences, Tom and Mel not only find safety but also form an unlikely and enduring friendship. This enchanting tale was lovingly crafted with both words and illustrations by Tanaya.

Artistry Magazine Arttay Designs

Publication Design

Artistry Magazine

Artistry is a monthly creative magazine all about the world of design and illustration. Focusing on eleven different upcoming creatives from all around the world. Artistry talks all about their life styles, work flow, creative process and popular projects that they have worked on. This magazine is aimed to reach creative people all around the world, focusing on their direct audience of ages 18-35.

Equal Futures Branding Design Arttay Designs

Brand Design

Equal Futures Project

The rebrand design for Equal Futures embodies the essence of its mission: to champion diversity and foster a more equitable and inclusive society. Through thoughtful visual elements and strategic branding choices, it conveys the project's commitment to raising awareness about inequality across workplaces, homes, and communities, solidifying its position as a beacon of progress and change in the Hunter business landscape.

Hermit Crab Infographic Arttay Designs

Infographic Illustration & Design

Anatomy Of A Hermit Crab Infographic

I meticulously designed an engaging infographic with the intention of scientific education, focused on the captivating world of strawberry hermit crabs. This visually appealing poster is perfect for school displays and offers a comprehensive glimpse into their biology and behavior, enriching students' understanding of these fascinating creatures.

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